Monday, March 23, 2009

37 Weeks

WoW! I can't believe we will be meeting our little girl REALLY soon! :) It still feels surreal and when I think about these last few weeks compared to those before we left to meet Kai, I am soo calm this time around.. Last year I was totally anxious, still trying to get the travel dates nailed down, make sure all the paperwork was perfect, making sure I packed all I needed for a new baby, a first baby, a baby who already existed and I had no idea what size he wore or worse - if he would smile at us.. Yearning like crazy to finally get to him, the baby we had waited for seemingly For-E-Vah to make this couple into a family! AHHH! Compared to that.. 9 months is a breeze! :) and now my only source of anxiety is thinking about the delivery.. I am actually a little bit excited to be able to experience it, a lot nervous about the pain (like a train going through your body?? really?), and totally at peace about how life will change when she comes home. Do I have the right size diapers? no. Do I have pj's, nope, Do I have nipple cream? not yet.. But, that's ok, b/c I have a car seat to get her home (thanks Mom & Dad!) an awesome hubby who will run to the store, a mom & good friends who are coming to help... and I'm sure Kai will loan his little sister anything she needs.. little Sister! That is the part we are really excited about.. A Girl.. all she really needs in those first few weeks is us.. and we will be here every moment.

Belly Photos coming soon.. Thanks to Heather

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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