Thursday, December 18, 2008

OH He's SOO close!

I think by Christmas he'll be walking more than crawling.. Yesterday was a big walking day, but today I haven't been able to catch him much yet.. ?Christina, how do you do those fabulous little montage videos?

Friday, December 12, 2008

23 Weeks

I am over half way through this pregnancy and I can't believe how blessed I have been in the "feeling good" dept! I am still ok energy wise, although I am sure that will change once tri-3 comes, and I have had no food issues, nothing difficult at all thus far.. in my body at least.. my head, well, that is another story.. :)

Baby Girl is about the size of a mango now, just over a pound and about 11 inches long.. She can feel my movements, so dancing with Kai is now dancing for the three of us :) and since she can hear noises clearly she knows about Norman (the treasured pooch) and his barks of play & excitement, she hears Kai's cries and the Christmas music constantly on these days.. The best part is that I definitely feel her moving around & I get to experience my own special time with her already. Each night when I climb into bed I lay on my back, hands on the belly and wait... I just focus on sending her love & usually after just a few minutes she signals.. and then again and again. It is something I am so honored to experience.. a little alien, yes, but still, honored just the same.. I feel like God has given me everything I've ever wanted already.. and I still have yet to meet her.. and I can't wait for a few years from now to meet our little person who has (most likely) yet to be conceived in Et.. Ben & I both know there is still one more person coming into our family through adoption.. and we think about Ethiopia every day.. we can't help it..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I forgot about the Poker

Every year my family has an annual Poker Tournament.. We play Texas Hold'em and usually we each wager a bottle of wine, but now that the 9 year old is playing for keeps too, we switched it up a little this time.. some wine, some cash.. some of us didn't get the memo the little one was playing :)

And this year.. my Hubby won.. He is now the reining champ in his fantasy football league 2 years running (will this be #3??) and the family Poker champ.. his head is getting a little big for his hat.. but he deserves it - he's a great player, an even better competitor and the best baby daddy in the south. I love you sweetie!

So much to say...

I have had so many different thoughts in my head over the last few weeks of what to post on (Kai, Ben, pregnancy, Baby Girl..) that I have just been avoiding it completely.. Videos of our adorable son are so much easier and seem to make the grandparents happy! :) I totally skipped over Thanksgiving and since it is my favorite holiday, I have to revisit.. So, today, on my blog, is Thanksgiving...

I look forward to this holiday so much, for all the same reasons everyone else does.. Family, time, food, gratitude and NO presents.. no pressure, expectation, disappointment, it's the perfect holiday! Ben & I alternate between our families each year and this time was with my side.. My older brother & family live 2 miles away, parents drove up from FL, the little brother flew in from Germany and he also brought his lady of interest from Canada, who we were all so excited to meet and whom he hadn't seen for years.. It was wonderful to have her here with us. We all haven't been together since Christmas last year and having my brother sooo far away is tough on everyone... not that we saw him much more when he was in the states, lets be honest, but it just feels so.much.further.

Anyway, I only REALLY lost it once, and I actually think that is pretty good for a pregnant lady with a 15 mo. old trying to cook a full dinner for 9, alone (T-giving eve meal). My dad & 9yr old niece came to my rescue after my tearful call to my brother's pleading for help.. Dad got to work chopping and Kalli was all about playing with Kai - thank goodness for them, or not only would I have cut myself on the food processor blade and the 8" chef's knife on accident, I may have considered doing it on purpose just to have my legs to myself in the emergency room! Seriously, I was at that point when I called - I love my son dearly, but sometimes the clinging/crying has just Got To Stop! :) Dinner was awesome and I didn't have much work after that, just desserts for Turkey day and that was a fun group effort with the Lil'bro and Lady friend. We ate, chatted, laughed, they drank, and we all bowled (I got a 111! sweet!) and Mom & Dad spoiled Ben & I with the gift of babysitting for a few hours so we could go to the movies!! Ahh... when was the last time we went to the movies?? Neither of us could remember it And Laura, sorry to disappoint, but we didn't see Twilight (I still need to read the book).. but we did see Australia and I was lost in it for all 2.75hrs.. Loved it. and I would have to say, Hugh is definitely yummier than your Edward Cullen character :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008