Friday, May 23, 2008

3 Months Home

I know everyone always says it, but I can't believe how quickly these last few months have gone. & I am exhausted.. Sorry I haven't posted more often, I don't have a good excuse, just nothing particularly interesting.. wake up, change diaper, feed baby, make coffee, play, nap, (try to shower), run errands, think about dinner, eat, say hi to Norman {dog} - what, you need a walk?, comfort screaming banshee, Ben's home & whoops I forgot dinner, dishes, make more bottles, and bed.. that is about it these days.. I am enjoying it, but considering I am home most of the day I am wiped out.. I am so grateful that Kai sleeps until 8am everyday!

He is getting bigger, we have his 9 month check up in a few weeks, hoping he's gained a ton. He is doing really well with his eating and to make mommy proud he loves his green veggies the most! He is not so fond of fruit actually, would much prefer broccoli :)


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What a great trip! Kai had his first beach experience & it happened that the water was pretty rough the day we went, so the crashing surf scared him a bit. He loved the sand though and tried to eat it by the fist full.

A few of my favorite girls, I am so glad I got to see them. Q & E we miss you already!

This is Broad in a bag.. She is Ben's brother's feisty psycho cat. We are not really cat people, but I always give them a chance at least.. This one got in a few chances to take swipes at me, hiss at Ben and stalk us both before she was put in her place..

Kai got to meet his Great-Grammy, Poppa, and tons of Uncles, Great Aunts and Uncles, Friends and other loved ones. We got to spend the time with friends and family that was long overdue, and we got to celebrate Tim for his 30th!!
We love you Tim!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heading South

After my last post we (well.. Ben mostly) made a lot of progress on the floors and they look awesome. I think I may really start to like our house now! I appreciate the house, but it has 0 character and this change is helping my attitude, which needs a lot of adjusting lately to be honest. I have felt a bit nostalgic lately as we are heading to SoFL tomorrow and these new floors remind me of those in our last house in Delray Beach. It was our first house, full of charm in every last inch of its 900 sqft. We loved the little bungalow and that house helped me to finally enjoy the area I had lived in since I was 12. All through my years living in Boca I just couldn't wait to get out. It is a beautiful city, full of privilege and I had a strong love/hate relationship with the town. Then, we moved to Delray.. the town just to the north of where I grew up and a whole world away in attitude and opinion. Delray is just lovely, leisurely, has history and a bit of spunk. They have an awesome cheesy Easter bonnet pet parade, walkable neighborhood streets, some of the best restaurants around, and the catamarans are parked on the beach all year. We can't wait to go down for a few days, see family & friends, enjoy the beach and celebrate Ben's brother's 30th birthday. Then it will be back to work as soon as we return, to finish the floors that will help me love this house, as a house has helped me love where my roots are. Change is always good for me, I just wonder what is around the corner.. feeling unsettled/anxious lately.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, this project is taking waaaay longer than I anticipated.. Poor Ben is working so hard, blisters on all his fingers and we still have a really long way to go.. The new flooring going down will hopefully be easier, but the old flooring is fighting with all its might not to come up. So, not really a happy post yet, just to say hello and let you all know we still don't have computer access.. or TV.. so we missed Lost :(.. and now sleeping/breathing is getting difficult in the house b/c of the concrete and old glue, so I think we will start sleeping at my brothers house.. at least me and the baby will.. oye vey.. wish I could be happier at this point! If anyone wants to come help remove old wood flooring, we'll buy lunch! :)