Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun times

So, having two is pretty awesome. After those first four weeks of help with Kai, being able to heal, rest and care for Claire I was ready to go and things have only gotten better since. Kai is still learning the word "gentle" and he certainly can't be left alone with Claire for a second, but he seems to be handling the shared attention ok. Not great, but ok. For instance today, I was feeding Claire on the couch in the area we have set up as his play room and he just couldn't be close enough, couldn't touch her enough and was desperate for my attention for those 15 minutes.. Then, after feeding her, I put her in the bouncy seat, turned around to put something on the counter, turned back and he was lifting the bouncy seat off the ground by its bottom support - a few inches higher and she would've slid right out onto the floor! Ahhh!
But, all in all, things are going great and we love having 2 kids!


Christina said...

Yay! So glad things are going well (even with the near misses :) ). Love the middle picture, too.

Molly C said...

Don't worry, I once tried to put my baby brother on a shelf! Now I'm 20 and he's 16 and I love him! lol

Kirsten said...

My 2 little monsters, Jacob & Justin, are just a wee bit farther apart than Kai & Claire... but there is NOTHING better than seeing the relationship between siblings develop. Once Jacob discovered Justin was here to stay, we had a little bit of trouble, but it wasn't long before they were the best playmates ever!! I have many messes to clean up, but the ones that they make together are the easiest to clean! Good luck to you, Master Kai, and Sweet Claire!!!

ShannonO.P said...

Wow! Claire is getting so big already :) She looks just like Ben in these pics, but don't worry - Kai still looks completely like you Gin ;)

much love to your fam!